KYVE Instructions

Today I will introduce a web3 project ——KYVE. My address is kyve1fzcu7cpfyj04rgq2wtjze32gk9xy4uqdfnpxjz.

KYVE, the web3 data lake solution, is a layer 1 blockchain that enables data providers to standardize, validate, and permanently store data streams.

They mission is ambitious but necessary: want to help Web 3.0 projects to reach infinite scalability by storing and computing data reliably and efficiently.By leveraging permanent data storage solutions like Arweave, KYVE’s Cosmos SDK-based chain creates permanent backups and ensures the scalability, immutability, and availability of these resources over time. As a result, verified data becomes trustless and accessible to all, no longer hindering projects’ opportunity for high scalability.

So how does KYVE work? Data providers can seamlessly store and verify their data streams by setting up their archiving pool. Each pool is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) powered by SmartWeave, the Arweave smart contracting language.

Uploaders and validators secure the validity of the data inside each pool:

  • Uploaders fetch data from a source and can perform computational work before storing it on Arweave.
  • Validators determine the integrity of the data and have the ability to vote on the slashing of an uploader’s stake if terms are not respected.

Once data is stored, it can easily be retrieved using KYVE’s query interface or by accessing it directly in Arweave. KYVE’s validation and Arweave’s immutability, combined, guarantee data integrity towards downstream users.



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